Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Game Thread: New York Yankees vs. Oakland Athletics

And just like that playoff baseball has returned to us all and returned to the Bronx, New York as the New York Yankees and Yankee Stadium play host to the Oakland Athletics. One game to decide a season. One game to decide the fate of both clubs. One game to decide it all. The Yankees will send Luis Severino to the mound with the pressure of protecting Yankee Stadium and continuing their season while the Athletics will send Liam Hendriks to the mound looking to play the spoiler. Neither team wants to go home and neither team wants their seasons to end here, but which team wants it just a little more? Let’s find out.

The game will be played at 8:00 pm ET inside Yankee Stadium in the Bronx and can be seen on TBS.

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  1. Let's get it done! Sevs looking good. Glad judgey showed hr/ maybe wrist is better! That first torres at bat though...

  2. And andujar just made a shit throw...

  3. Biggest win of the year.
    No other game even comes close.
    The Yankees overcame a huge obstacle...Oakland.

    So what is patrick complaining about now ? Sorry, but this is sad...for
    a top notch baseball site, this is pathetic.

    Not one post / comment since Daryl's 10/3..9:16 PM post. Not one.

    1. everyone is ready for the Game 1 NYY @ BOS game thread :-)


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