Thursday, October 18, 2018

Hurricane Michael, Former Yankees Prospects, & Alan Horne is an Amazing Person

I have been writing and blogging about the New York Yankees for as long as I can remember, but The Greedy Pinstripes began back in January of 2012. We set out with the mission of being different and with the mission of doing things our own way. Over the years we made a lot of friends, both in terms of players and fans alike, and one such friend is former Yankees prospect Alan Horne.

Horne was a first-round draft pick for the Indians out of High School, but he instead opted to head to Ole Miss, and eventually the University of Florida for his collegiate career. Horne had Tommy John surgery after two seasons at Ole Miss and eventually, after transferring to Florida, became an 11th round pick for the New York Yankees in the 2005 MLB First Year Players Draft. Horne remained with the Yankees minor league affiliates through the 2008 season before injuries once again derailed his path to the Major Leagues. Horne eventually retired from professional baseball and moved to a town about 15 minutes away from where I currently reside down here in Georgia. Horne is now a business owner owning and operating his own State Farm insurance facility and seems to be genuinely happy, unless his Gators lose of course. I think a lot of Horne’s happiness stems from the old saying, “You get out what you put in.” Horne was a great talent on the field, but he is an even more amazing person. He probably doesn’t want the credit for this, if I know him like I think that I do, but he is going to get the credit and recognition for it anyway… because he deserves it.

When Hurricane Michael devastated the Florida coast Alan was quick to respond. Alan announced on his Facebook page that he was en route to the panhandle and to South Georgia with generators, water, chainsaws, and as much gas as he could hold in his truck. When it was all said and done, Alan had 50 gallons of gasoline, four chainsaws, three generators, oil, extension cords, cases of water, tons of bread, and lots of snacks for anyone and everyone who needed it. Alan gave out his cell number many times and even gave out his Zello, which could be used to radio him. What did he ask in return? Absolutely nothing. Well, he asked that his Facebook friends shared his post to reach as many as he could, but other than that he didn’t want a damn thing in return.

Many shared the post, many thanked him and congratulated him on his efforts, but he never responded. Sure, he “liked” the posts as recognition, but he has never beat his own chest or said a word. Alan has been and continues to truly help out of the kindness of his own heart.

Alan has continued to be giving since the storm in any and every way possible. With supplies, with suggestions or the sharing of his knowledge of the insurance industry, or just with his insightful and positive words on Facebook that continue to pick people up.

As of yesterday, Alan was still in Florida helping anyone and everyone that he could. His family was also hit in the storms, but at last check in he said that there was damage, but that they were very fortunate.

I just want to get the word out to anyone and everyone about what is going on down in Florida, and what some amazing people throughout the country, not just Alan, are doing. Continued prayers and thoughts go out to not only the people in Florida and South Georgia, but also to the fine individuals, former Yankees prospects or otherwise, that are doing everything that they can to help the cause. Thank you.

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