Monday, December 10, 2018

BREAKING: Sonny Gray Traded

We have been talking about it for most of the afternoon on twitter, but my source has finally come through and confirmed that Sonny Gray is on the move. I don't know where yet, or who is acquiring him just yet, but when I do I will have it here first.


  1. Breaking News !!!
    Sonny Gray Traded !!!
    Absolutely no further information !!!....Lunacy.

    1. Yeah, because when Joel Sherman or Jon Heyman break news they give you ALL the information all at once. This is the same guy that gave me the Curtis Granderson to the Mets info a full TWO DAYS before Sherman "broke the news." Just be patient

    2. Breaking News !!! some where..a planet ?
      Sonny Gray will be traded.
      That's old news, not breaking news.

    3. Again, same guy gave me Granderson two days early. Believe, don't believe, won't change my game either way.

      By the way, I heard from Hans this morning. He is having issues posting on the sight, I am hoping he gets back today to posting.

    4. Breaking news Hal the Coupon Clipper is still a tightwad and the Elf still has his head up his ass on the wall he keeps repelling down from. Spend the money and get pitching you moron. Nowe they try and be frugal and not give an extra year while the Sux will still clean our clocks with this roster and the Great Daniel Boone and his Racoon hat running the show.

    5. The Heart Breaker, has come up for air ! Hansel.

      The man with issues I hear. Join the club.
      So very good to see that you are back. Missed you.
      Staying for awhile ? Spring training ?

      Only two people of substance are here now...Daryl, and patrick.
      You would make three.

      Ken Reed last posted here Nov 3...and no one asks for him. Sad.
      That is what is wrong here. He's what.
      I hear he had a viking funeral in Lake Erie, or his wife found
      his stash of Viagra in his shed.

      Hansel....sticking around ?
      Maybe you can help Daryl get a grip on himself.

    6. Sorry Hansel...Did you know Sonny Gray was traded ?

    7. Welcome back, Hans. Glad you got it figured out.

    8. Guys I’m back and more pissed than ever. I just don’t understand this business model. Cashman has the number 2 rated farm system and traded away pieces that didn’t pan out and now we are rated number 16. So instead of poaching from the farm spend the freaking money and just remember I told you guys like three years ago that Dombrowski was better than Cashman and once again I was proven correct. Let’s stop putting this elf on the top of the Christmas tree as he has only won 1 championship on his watch in my opinion which was 2009. All the rest were courtesy of Watson and Stick. I’m tired of these frugal ways when they continue to screw us on ticket prices and concession stand prices along with licensed clothing. Spend the money Coupon Clipper. Oh I pray every year that the elf will move on. It’s what have you done for me lately and it’s nothing. Boone doesn’t win division and WS he should be sent packing back to the Alamo

  2. Patrick is getting restless! Do you want me to pitch my stanton trade proposals and demand a harper signing again?? Lol

    I'll tell ya, the mariners made it an interesting off season so far.

    Where's Reed?!

  3. I saw they have like eleven suitors and seeking top mlb talent. I'd wonder if they can negotiate a contract extension, giving sonny some security while giving the new team more control.

    I don't necessarily need mlb talent, I think that is a steep price. I'd ask for a top prospect though. Not vlad Jr or tadis, but still!

  4. So...Lets make a trade.
    And, at the same time lets use our common sense.
    I am excluding Machado, and the $300+ millions from our conversation.

    Make the trade with the Reds for Scooter Gennett. A fine player.
    LH, better than average hitter, 2nd & 3rd base. Available.
    With Gray, and some lesser others, you have chips.

    Now Gennett becomes the second Yankee 'Scooter'. Like that.
    While moving Torres to short.

    Don't touch Andujar. Who should have been rookie of the year.
    Let him learn / advance his play at third base.
    You know who was a butcher at third when he first came up? Wade Boggs.
    How did that work out? He put it together.
    Jeter was not so hot also his first year, or two.
    Give Andujar the same chance......Also the teams best hitter !

    You now have $300+ million in your wallet as you move forward.

    Daryl....appreciate your effort. No one else hear will say that.
    Hansel....When you are ready, slide in.
    Ken Reed....No one even mentions his name. Fools.

    1. I apologize, I see the recent comments and I make up 80% of them. There's an interesting stat I see, and Reed did it the old fashioned way... He didn't need a computer.

      He said Derek Jeter made the routine plays look really good. He wasn't particularly good. But he made it look good.

      Now I know andujar is young, and they were in different positions, but get this.
      Derek Jeter was a better fielder at age 40 than andujar was at age 23. Yea he's a good hitter, can't get on base thru BB for shit because he swings out of the zone, which is what makes him hit a bit better. And he's not improving on the field. Maybe his errors will cut down when he stops the double clutching bullshit, but you're not getting a much better jump than you get at 23.

      I don't think there's a better spot to spend 300M. Maybe lindor or Correa 4 years down the line.

      But to save money and then watch the team sign cc, gardner, a 36 y/o happ, 35 y/o drob, and a broken elderly Andrew Miller, we might as well make steinbrenner field into an assisted living and rehabilitation center. Maybe there will be some aqua aerobics!

    2. And I don't say we need to move him for the sake of moving him. I'd move andujar if we get syndergaard, Nola, kluber, berrios back. That's about it.

      Keep in mind, we have gardy at LF, and 1 year on hicks and didi contract. There's plenty of places... Before considering any injuries... Remember, we had something that resembled a corpse in RF for a quarter of the season!

  5. Someone said...Pickles Gray has been traded !
    I missed it.
    Where did he go ? The return ?

    Daryl..No need to apologize. For contributing ?

    1. Have you been in touch with Reed?

    2. Ken Reed ? Sad to say, yes.
      His last post Nov 3-5 ? Someone here insulted him.
      He has saddled up, and moved on. I was close to riding off with him.

  6. Hansel is back ?
    Hide the good china !!!

  7. Bryce Harper, in my world.

    In my mind, from day one, Harper is the prize.
    He does not disrupt anything the Yankees have going for them ie: Andujar.
    Make any line-up you wish, put in Harper, and one can only dream.

    The Reds have made Scotter Gennett available. That's the guy.
    Now you will have an abundance of outfield players, along with Gray,
    to see if the Reds bite.

    To me, Machado is trouble. Steer clear.

    Hans / Hansel...Glad you are back for however long.
    The down size...outside of Daryl, and myself, no one contributes.

    Fan participation drives a good site. Always has.
    Ken Reed would have nodded his head to that statement.
    Too late for that. Fools.

    1. I like Harper and with short porch in right he could easily hit 50 HR yet our genius little elf and the monopoly banker aka Hal won't spend the money. Yes let's pillage the ticket holders and screw the living shit out of them because my franchise is only worth $3.5 Billion and I need more. Rip George for many things, however no one can say the man didn't invest in his team making it the $3.5 Billion dollar machine it is today. I always said Hal was one of the worst owners in NY because of the dribble out of both sides of his mouth. News Flash Hal you got smoked again by your rival and you give me Gardner and CC and Happ as FA signings. Have we gotten better so far this off season and the answer is no. Our bullpen is suspect now and I would've given Britton the money because the Cuban missile can opt out after this year and unless he gets injured he's opting out. Betances will then be a FA I believe and you have no closer to fall back on. The coaching staff should have been ripped apart as the bench coach for Daniel Boone should have been sent packing and Larry Rothschild hasn't produced a top flight pitcher and was unable to uncover the tipping of Severino's pitches, yet a sports writer uncovered it. Go figure in Yankee land.

  8. I I must.

    After numerous, sort of intelligent posts, suggesting that Harper
    is the man...I think I missed an obvious obstacle.
    The 'Luxury Tax'.
    With all the talk of possibly 12 teams tanking in 2019, the mere
    fact that a team that tries to improve itself by spending....
    Will end up being crippled.

    Like socialism.....If we twelve stink, so to must you also.
    So climb back into this stinking pot, and smile towards your fan base.
    Why should you be better than us!! Viva la...Cuba !
    Too many lost minds think that way today.

    "Be taxed...if you go over .500."...will be the next angry angst cry.

    That is why the Yankees will not sign Harper.
    The tax will be a death cancer for years to come.

    This is a baseball site where almost no one comments.
    Five minutes a day is too much for you big article writers ?

    The shadows of those that have left, grows longer as time goes on.

    1. The luxury tax! Don't want to pay it, because it's helping fuel opponents! Guess how much the Yankees got from the red Sox for going over the luxury tax? $24,000! These guys forget that in their jean pockets in the wash. And I assure you, they will make whatever bs tax thru ticket sales, merchandise, etc. But whatever.

      But these shitheads say "we are as talented as Boston." I'm not going to address this again. But this is the same team that was exciting once in 2017, but ultimately failed. Last year, was another failure.

      Luis severino post season--6.25ish era. Sanchez was pathetic. Stanton couldn't hit a wall with a tennis racket.
      But they have the balls and say this team that has failed two consecutive years is Gunna toughen up? Please. Gray will get sent to the opponent and these gaggle will make the dude look like randy Johnson and embarrass us in the post season.

      I wonder if LA has no interest in Stanton. That's a way to possibly add harper and stay beneath the salary tax.

      This window isn't infinitely open. Players get hurt, players get old, players shit the bed, players get expensive. The team is as good as can be. Now is when we should be going all in. For fuck sakes, it's only cash.

  9. You essay writing slackers at this site....

    The last two posts by Hansel, and Daryl, are what commenting is about.
    They had fire, and a fighting spirit to them. Great reads.
    Not laxative like paragraphs that bore people to death.

    You slackers, with your 800 word compositions, that would
    put a mummy to sleep...send them to your mother. should be ashamed. Where the hell are you ?
    Your site has become the back page of a Penny Saver circular.

    You have become nothing more than a Joel Sherman wanna be.
    Instead of rallying your team, you act like the world is letting you know when Sonny Gray is about to be traded.
    Has he been traded, as advertised ?


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