Saturday, January 12, 2019

So Far No Manny but That’s Okay!!! 

The Yankees have been very busy as of late.  

They signed DJ LeMahieu to a two-year, 24 million dollar contract. Resigned Zach Britton to a 3 Year deal, avoided arbitration with everyone Luis Severino, and signed Troy Tulowitzki, to supposedly be their everyday Shortstop. So where does that leave the Yanks now? Well in a nutshell it totally means they don’t need Manny Machado. However that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t sign him anyway. Depending on how you feel about the Bombers not having enough Lefty Hitters Bryce Harper may still look good too.😎Let’s take a look at all of the above in no particular order.  I know some fans are not to happy with the LeMahieu signing, however I think it is a great depth move. For one there is speculation the Yankees intend to use LeMahieu as a utility player which could mean they are not out on Manny Machado. I don’t see Machado being signed it at this point, but Cashman is very sneaky, so you don’t know until you know. With Didi Gregorius out for who knows how long and the oft-injured Troy Tulowitzki in his place, shortstop could turn out really bad for the Yankees. While at third base in Yankee Land, Andujar’s defense will likely stop him from sticking at the position long-term. Machado would provide a much needed presence at both positions, which is why I wanted him so much. But the Yankees are already a really good team they did win 100 games last year with much of this same same roster.  

There are fans that seem upset about the Tulo signing as well. Listen Tulo is past his prime for sure, however there is something to be said about wearing the Pinstripes. I can see Tulo having a big year, and hell 99% of his pay is coming for the Blue Jays, so I am all for that.  The only issue I see being a problem until Sir Didi returns is our lack of Lefty Batters. That is what leads me back to Bryce Harper. We need a lefty bat and well a better Left fielder. Clint Frazier or Brett Gardner could both play left, and Gardner would be a lefty bat. At this point thou I do not believe Grady is a starter and better served being out 4th outfielder. We have no real clue what Frazier brings to the table for a full season, being he had concussion issues all of 2018. Plus bot would most likely bat 9th specially Gardner so that doesn’t help the balancing lineup. We could maybe sign Mike Moustakas have him DH and play 3b some days but I don’t see it. That would put Stanton in LF. Would give us some balance but think I’d pass having Stanton play Left everyday. I will put this out there Greg Bird will rebound and hit about .270 with 30-38 home runs, and reclaim First Base, which will help with the balance a tad bit. Once Didi comes back if Bird is hitting like I predict they will be ok.  

1. Aaron Hicks CF 

2. Aaron Judge RF 

3. Greg Bird 1B 

4. Giancarlo Stanton DH

5. Gary Sanchez C 

6. Didi Gregorius SS

7. Miguel Andujar 3B 

8. Gleyber Torres 2B 

9. Clint Frazier LF 

That would leave a bench of 

D.J. LeMahieu UTLI 

Brett Gardner OF 

Austin Romine Back Up C 

Troy Tulowitzki SS 

Sorry Mr. Voit

Yes this would be a 4 man bench and require having the traditional 7 man Pen again. Not to shabby but still missing something in my opinion when Didi is out. Anyways fans thanks for reading, that’s hope we get that Lefty Bat.   

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