Thursday, March 1, 2012

Yankees make $16M offer to Adonis Garcia

From our friends over at River Avenue Blues

First of all... who? Judging from the scouting reports he seems like nothing special whatsoever so why Brian Cashman would want to give a 26 year old virtual unknown with average stuff a 6 year contract is beyond me but it is not my money right? Anyways, here is the write up.

Via Jorge Ebro (translated article), the Yankees have offered 26-year-old Cuban infielder Adonis Garcia a six-year contract worth $16M. The Athletics offered six years and $18M, and would keep Garcia at shortstop while the Yankees want to move him to the outfield. He could make a decision by next week.
Ben Badler’s scouting report (subs. req’d) from January isn’t exactly glowing. Garcia, a right-handed bat, stands only 5-foot-7, 180 lbs. with “some feel for hitting and surprising power for his size.” He hit .270/.313/.461 during his winter ball stint this offseason, with at least one dramatic homer. Badler says Garcia is “around an average runner” who has played second, short, and third in the past, though he spent most of his winter ball time in left field. Chances are the Yankees caught a glimpse of him this winter and really liked what they saw, but $16M seems a bit excessive.

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