Monday, April 9, 2012

Reminder : Free Yankees Tickets Giveaway

Just a friendly reminder Yankees fans that this opportunity to get free Yankees tickets plus the Yankee bag full of goodies ends tomorrow. 4/10 so go ahead and sign up now for a chance to win. I would love it if a Greedy Pinstripes fan won it!

Also remember if you follow them on twitter and like them on facebook you get two more opportunities to win so why not right? Do it, Do it now!

Who Wants Free Yankees Tickets?

One of our latest partners and friends, Metro Commuter Network (MCN), is offering up a chance for one lucky Greedy Pinstripes reader to win a pair of Yankees tickets for the game against the Angels on April 13th PLUS  free Yankees themed gift basket. In the basket you get the two Yankees tickets, valued at $350, one matted and framed print of the original Yankee Stadium one XL official Yankee T SHirt, one official Yankees baseball hat, one sport bottle, and one tote bag. All pictured below!

Of course these guys are not going to just GIVE you the tickets, you are going to have to work for it a little. For everyone that goes to the website,, and signs up for an account gets one free entry. For two free additional entries you can go to their FACEBOOK page and "like" them and you can also go to their TWITTER page and follow them for the other entries.

The contest starts at 12:00 AM ET on April 4th (today.... now) and ends at 11:00 pm ET on April 10th so I would suggest all to go ahead and sign up now while reading this so you do not forget and let this opportunity pass you by. On April 10th one lucky Greedy Pinstripes reader will win the tickets and be notified by email so make sure you are using a real email address and not a fake one. Good luck to everyone and I am officially jealous of who ever wins!


  1. Yankees hands down. Boston is 2nd but not nearly like the Yanks. People are probably giving Yankees tickets away because they are a horrible team. In general I hate New York teams the most though- especially the Jets.

  2. I think it may have more to do with te fact tht it is a marketing ploy because the Yankees fan base is so large and less because they are a horrible team but hey what do I know right? Just a Yankees fan.


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