Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Gardner Suffers Setback

Brett Gardner was still feeling some pain in his elbow today, so he'll be shut down for a few days before resuming any activity. Therefore he won't be returning from the DL when he's eligible tomorrow. As sad as that news is, it's just as crazy that Joe Girardi has said the team still has no plans to call up another outfielder.

I went through reasons not to call up an outfielder earlier, but seeing as how the team could be without a 3rd guy on the bench for another 5 days, perhaps they should risk losing Dewayne Wise once everybody returns.


  1. Replies
    1. Not a bad idea, but I'd rather just call-up Wise. If he can't do it, and the team is still in need of an OFer, then okay. As I just don't like the idea of losing Dickerson, and only getting a week or two out of him in MLB.

  2. We dont have to lose anyone to bring in Abreu. We also dont waste options on guys or potentially lose guys like Wise or Dickerson. Abreu gets a week or two to showcase against Ibanez for the DH slot.

    1. But Abreu hasn't looked good at the plate in the past year, and his defense is not exactly "strong" either. So it's money that doesn't need to be spent. Not that he'd be expensive at all though, so I wouldn't be concerned.

  3. Im talking a potential battle between him and Ibanez, not being the savior for the team. Ibanez hasnt looked totally lost at the plate but he isnt Derek Jeter either.

    Bobby flourished last time we bought low on him for whatever reason and for the league pro rated minimum salary, with the Angels paying the remainder, doesnt seem worth talking about.


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