Saturday, May 5, 2012

Be Like Mo

We should all strive to be like Mo.

For any of you that are tired of reading things about Mariano Rivera, let me say this... too bad!

I was reading the LoHud Yankees Blog, and I came across a post that included the following quote from Mo...
“I’ll be around,” Rivera said. “You guys don’t get rid of me so easily. I’ll be around, and we will talk. Definitely all my advice and all my heart and all my knowledge will be there.”
Rivera isn't going away crying, with his tail between his legs, like some would. We're talking about a guy that had a smile on his face while he was being carted off the field following his injury, so as not to upset his teammates or fans. Derek Jeter is the team's captain, but Mariano Rivera is just as much a true Yankee as Derek. Baseball players or other athletes shouldn't be the only ones striving to be like Mo, people in general should strive to be as good a person as Mo.

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  1. Imagine how many of our young guys are going to know that cutter now that Mo has "nothing better to do" then teach.


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