Monday, January 27, 2014

Gary Sanchez Makes Baseball Prospectus Top 100

Baseball Prospectus' Jason Parks has released their annual Top 101 Prospects list and Gary Sanchez was the only New York Yankees player to make the list. The list is free, no subscription needed, so check it out by clicking HERE, thank you BP.  Sanchez made the list ranked at #85 down from #47 last year, even after steps forward with his offense and his defense. Mason Williams was ranked #51 last year and totally fell off the list, and the face of the Earth for most of the season for that matter, after a disappointing 2013.

To no surprise Byron Buxton of the Twins was at the top of the list followed by the Red Sox Xander Bogarts and the Cardinals Oscar Tavares.


  1. I have gotten excited about prospects in the past, but here's what I see happening. They'll leave him in the minors until he gets bored and frustrated. Then they'll bring him up and Girardi will give him four at bats a week spread over three appearances. He'll struggle and lose confidence. Then because of an injury, he'll get regular playing time and hit well. Then when the lesser starter is healthy, Girardi will bench him again. (Stewart/Romine is the latest example) Another promising player will fade into obscurity.

    1. Jeff...
      You got it and the Yankees don't!
      I have written the same thoughts many, many times and many say...always go with the experienced guy over a rooky!

    2. I initially thought of Jesus Montero...

  2. Nunez is an Athlete....

    I realize most of you don't think he can do the job at 3rd, I say; "Put him there and leave him alone until June or so...then grade him on his job abilities!
    Nunez is a prime example of a guy that is a very good athlete but, has never had enough time at one position to really learn the full job. He has played 2nd, SS and 3rd as a Yankee (minors also)! Some players take longer to develop...not every player has Baseball Instincts (see Bernie).
    Don Mattinly was said not to have the power for a HR hitter, remember?
    Playing in the big leagues is a much more complicated job than in college or high school. Each position has a different set of skills; Footwork, throwing angles, what to do with the ball when you have it and a plethora of things much more advanced than the good old school days.

    A line-up with Brett, Ells and Nunez would sure make it a tough day for pitchers and catchers!

  3. I am all for giving the job to Nunez. At least platoon him with Kelly Johnson. He can handle it, he did well at third last season, especially defensively.

  4. Nunez and Romine are only two on a long list. The last player that wasn't hindered by Yankee management was Meter. Torre developed him. After seeing what Girardi did in Florida, I was excited when they brought him in. All he's done since is ruin promising players. I even credit him with the Hughes and Chamberlain disasters. Hughes won 18, and 16 games for us. Yet every spring it seems like he had to "earn" a spot in the rotation. Then every time he got into a hint of trouble he was yanked. How's he supposed to develop like that? Remember Chamberlain's early years? Everybody wanted him. Devastating out of the pen. And then starter, bullpen, setup, mop up. He had a different role everyday. Now they're doing it to Robertson.

  5. Jeff Levin...calm down son.
    Joe Girardi, is not your villain.
    Hughes gave up more home runs, and had more chances, than a three legged cat.

    Joba, a favorite of mine. I don't know what happened here, the team protected him.
    They were concerned about his well being, every step of the way.
    He was awful out of the pen last year. He showed nothing at the end.
    My guess, it was the way he wore his cap.

    Robertson. The Yankees named an unproven closer, to be the the closer.
    Those that follow the team, are simply asking questions. Why him, and what if he falters ?

  6. Good point Patrick. Not trying to Girardi bash. I'm still a little sore at having to watch Stewart play every day while one of our prospects sat and watched. I think it sucks that we'll never have a Trout or Machado because they'll never be given a shot at a young age. What If Romine was given a shot when Cervelli went down? What if he hit .280 with 12 home runs? Would we have spent $85 million on McCann? Or could we have signed Tanaka and another starter and stayed under $189?

  7. are you ?
    Jeff, you can not compare Romaine, to McCann.
    McCann has proven his worth, while Romaine could not give you a full season.
    Cervelli, when not jinxed, is a very nice catcher. Romaine, I feel, is shirt lived here.
    The $ not our concern.

  8. My point is that we will never know what Romine is or could have been. When we had a chance to see, we were stuck with Stewart instead. I don't really care about the $189. I live in the Pacific Northwest and pay a lot to see the Yankees. I'm thrilled that they put the money back into the roster. I guess my beef is that our prospects are never given a real opportunity. And when they are, good things have happened. Jeter, Williams, Posada, Pettite, Rivera. Everybody, including Yankee fans bash our farm system. All I'm saying is how do we know? By the time we bring one up lately, they've toiled away in the minors and died of boredom. They've lost the hunger.

  9. Jeff...what's with Romine ?
    The big / wealthy Yankees have ONE player in the top 100 minor league players. Sad.
    At this rate many more will die of boredom, or starve to death.
    Where in the Pacific Northwest ?

  10. Pacific Northwest is Washington, Oregon, Idaho area. I guess I am kicking the Romine horse a little too much. I like prospects. I don't want to be like other teams that rely solely on them. I like my all star free agents too. You can read 100 different prospect lists and other than maybe the top 5, they're all different. I think we have some good players in our system, but we'll never see them because our mantra is to play a veteran with "experience", rather than a rookie who may have a higher upside that just needs "experience".

  11. I agree with you though Jeff. We had Romine and decided to go with what we had behind the dish and totally ignored Romine. We even ignored Romine even when he continually outhit and out defended Stewart in the last month or two of the season. Now we are "forced' to trade Romine or let him rot in AAA blocking someone else's development, namely JR Murphy.

    We can throw out a laundry list of guys for the 5th starter job. Why? Because none of them have gotten their fair shot yet. Either because of injuries, see Banuelos and Nuno, or because we won't let them, see Warren and Betances.

    It's frustrating as a prospects fan to be a Yankees fan.

  12. Well said. Problem is that he has little to no trade value. I honestly think Girardi might still be a little bitter that he lost his job to Posada. He always tries to put too much priority on defense and not enough on offense. Defense is great, but if you're not scoring, you're still losing.

    1. All non believers can see the 2013 season as reference for that

  13. JEFF LEVIN : Thanks for the come-back.
    The question was...where in the Pacific Northwest do you hail from, not what is the Pacific Northwest.
    You may have misunderstood.

    I went through that country a while Puget Sound Naval Air Station. Now called, I believe
    Sand Point Naval Air Station.
    Only being curious. You seem well versed on this Yankee team, for a person so far away.
    Do you have a favorite on this 2014 squad, and should the Yankees have signed Grant Balfour ?
    Again, only being curious.

  14. Idaho to be exact. I've been a fan dating back to about '87. (Little League to be exact). I was a monster Mattingly fan. Thought he was everything a baseball player should be, and it just stuck. Now it's moved on to Jeter. I'm a fan of his until he decides to hang them up. I also like the hustle of Gardner. I don't think Balfour would have fared well at Yankee Stadium. I think he is a good pitcher, but ultimately he was aided by Oakland Colisium. I've seen games there. Huge stadium. Too many fly balls to be effective at Yankee Stadium over the course of a year.

  15. Jeff, you are well versed. I've spoken to folks from Idaho, who work on the oil rigs.
    Please continue to post here, at Greedy Pinstripes, you are a welcomed addition.
    And, will fit in nicely.
    Take care sir.

  16. Thanks Patrick, and I will. This is the first intelligent sight I've seen.

  17. Has anyone seen the 10 greatest Yankees list yet?
    It shows that the old saying about; "Ones world begins when the are born"! Must be a huge amount of 40 and younger fans doing the voting.

    The list has Babe Ruth around #9 and Mo and Jeter as #1 and #2 that is nothing but ridiculous!
    1--Mo 2--Jeter 3--Yogi 4--Whitey Ford 5--Mickey Mantle 6--Joe DiMaggio
    7--Don Mattingly 8--Lou Gehrig 9--Babe Ruth 10--Reggie Jackson!

    Mo, Jeter, Don Mattingly and Reggie Jackson on this list, the only one I would have on the list is Mo at about #6.

    My #1--Babe Ruth #2--Lou Gehrig #3--Mickey Mantle #4--Joe DiMaggio #5 Whitey Ford #6---Mo
    #7-Red Ruffing #8--L.Gomez #9--E.Combs 10--Yogi

    I have Mo at #6 just because of his dominance, the other three were never dominant at all. They were all damn good but as good or better than the 10 I named...I doubt that and, a truthful fan would agree...or not so much!

  18. Hard to pick a top ten list for the Yankees. I agree with your list more than the other. I think Jeter has to be there though. Maybe instead of Gomez or Combs.

    1. Agreed. I don't see how Reggie makes the list when he was only here for five seasons... but you have to put Jeter on it somewhere. You have to.

    2. My question is, what has made Jeter a Top Ten pick?
      Compare records with any of those on the list, who would you take off?
      I thought of putting Jeter on the list but, when I started to look into his record (not Yankee Record) he falls short. He has never been a leader in any category, more than once except...those voted on and, we know they are popularity votes. Until 2004, he was an All Star only once, never an MVP, etc.!
      In other words, on stats alone...he doesn't cut it!
      On the Yankee Fan radar, he is #1, that's ok with me, that is why it is subjective.
      Myself, I would like to have Jeter, Mattingly, Munson, Guidry, Rags and Stottlemyer on the list but, they all come up short compared to those on the list.

      Let's see your lists! It would be fun, after all, there is No Right or Wrong, it is all subjective!

    3. If he has done something that NO OTHER YANKEE has ever done, 3,000 hits, then that should be enough alone. Five World Series rings helps because at the end of the day that is all that matters. He plays a position that is not known for it's offense or it's stats

  19. Okay, here's my top ten. 1) Ruth, 2) Gehrig, 3) Mantle, 4) DiMaggio 5) Rivera, 6) Ford, 7) Yogi, 8) Jeter, 9) Ruffing 10) Mattingly. After the top five, it gets real argumentative. I took Combs off and added Mattingly because his counting stats are easily as good as Combs and he did it on a team that wasn't nicknamed Murderer's Row. Combs cracks the Yankees top10 leaderboard in 3 major categories. Avg., OPS, and triples. I took off Gomez because his stats aren't a whole lot better than Pettite, Guidry, or Stotllemeyer. Jeter makes it on the list because he's not only among the top 5 offensive categories for the Yankees, he's among the top 5 offensive categories for ss's all time.

  20. JEFF LEVIN...ever been to Idaho Falls ?
    Only found out last night, my wife's step brother owns a business in Idaho Falls
    His name is Ki-Ki Coltor., he played lead guitar, and sang back up for Linda Ronstadt...back in the 70's. After that, he was with 'Black Oak Arkansas'. You would recognize him, from old MTV clips.

    He owns a gay indian bar...'The Pink Teepee".for almost 25 years now.
    It's right on Vets Memorial Hwy / Route 15....just west of Idaho Falls. Can't miss it.
    His wife is a Shoshone indian. KiKi jokes when he says..." after they come out of the closet, they come out of his teepee". Funny guy.
    Ever been there ? Where is your town, you never said ?
    If you are near Idaho Falls, stop by KiKi's place.You'll get the family discount.
    Small world.

    1. Idaho is a weird state. Very segregated. Idaho falls is Eastern Idaho, I live in Western Idaho. (Boise). In between you have about 250 miles of nothing but a few cow towns. I've never been there.

    2. Something I never thought I would see/hear... first a gay Indian bar... and a gay bar in Idaho of all places. Hmm..


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