Thursday, June 14, 2012

Yankees Press Release For 6/13/12

I feel like I am big time now that I got my first press release for the Yankees. The main reason I got it was not because I co own this blog but because the photographer for "Braves Vision", the main guy controlling the cameras for the Braves, had the hots for my wife. I digress though...

This was interesting and he wanted to give it to us because it spoke a lot about Alex Rodriguez's 23 career grand slam and such and he thought it might be worth something one day. I think it was just an excuse to talk to my wife but hey... no harm no foul and I got something out of it.

Sorry if this is out of order or whatever but blogger is giving me fits uploading these and trying to move them has been a nightmare. Hopefully someone gets some joy out of the sheer plethora of information that is on this thing.

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