Thursday, July 26, 2012

DeWayne Wise Clears Waivers & Goes To AAA

Color me SHOCKED. DeWayne Wise actually cleared waivers, something I in no way saw coming, and was sent to AAA Empire State Yankees. I fully expect him to be part of the Yankees September call ups when the rosters expand. Even if he isn't we will always remember him for the "catch" pictured above and the bunt that may have turned the season around. 


  1. I spoke with Burch after Wise was DFA'd, and I agreed that he'd be snatched up by somebody. I knew Yankees' prospects were overrated by Yankees fans, but I didn't know that same thing applied to their bench players.

    1. But if he were overrated dont you think he would have been snatched up?

    2. I said YANKEES FANS were the ones overrating him, not other teams. Yeah, if others were overrating him, then he would have been snatched up.

      Keep in mind, I'm not saying he is overrated, just putting that thought out there.

    3. I dont think you can overrate DeWayne Wise. If anyone is overrated it is 38 yr old Ichiro who, by the way, has worse stats then DeWayne Wise.



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