Thursday, July 26, 2012

Off Day Music Recommendation

Last night I saw Stellar Revival while playing in Atlanta for the second time and they were just as good as the first time. They absolutely rocked the house and even got their lead singer, Rino, down in the crowd with us while singing their single (available on ITunes) "The Crazy Ones". Great rock show and I highly recommend them to anyone who likes rock.

What impressed me the most is I use the Greedy Pinstripes twitter rather then my personal one (@GreedyStripes) honestly because I am too lazy to link both account and switch back and forth. These guys not only remembered me from the first show but knew my twitter name without me even telling them (Yes I was wearing a Yankees hat lol). They are genuine guys who do not care to sit down and have a conversation with you at their booths and such and they make great music.

These guys are easily the future of rock music and more proof, if you needed any, that rock and roll will never die. Follow these guys on twitter @StellarRevival, check out the facebook, and all that social networking crap good stuff. 

This band, led by a female guitar player and vocalist, hit the stage right before Stellar Revival and I was pleasantly surprised with their music. It was a great mixture of guitar and shredding with female vocalist. They even covered a popular Nine Inch Nails song that I will not mention because I try to keep it rated PG on here which was a pleasant surprise. They have a single, The Broken, on ITunes as well which I recommend everyone picking up. They also have, must be the female touch, some really awesome T Shirt designs that I am kicking myself for not getting. 

All in all it was a great night of music that I figured I would share since the Yankees are off today.

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