Thursday, August 9, 2012

Connect With Us & Win FREE Yankees Stuff

You Like Social Networking? You Like Free Stuff? You Will LOVE The Greedy Pinstripes 

Who does not like FREE STUFF? Well The Greedy Pinstripes are back to give away yet another free Yankees keychain. This time all we ask that you do is "Like" us on facebook and when we reach 100 "likes" we will pick someone randomly and we will give that user a keychain. You can find our facebook page  and just click "like" and you are in the running. You can also follow us on twitter if that is your preference , @GreedyStripes, and when we reach 200 followers we will pick one of them randomly and get the keychain. Whichever comes first as we only have one of these at the moment. 

You can technically "unlike" us after the contest is over or stop following us if you want and we will never ask for or give out your personal information including your email address. 

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