Saturday, August 25, 2012

Meet A Prospect : David Adams

With September call ups and an expanded active roster on the way I thought it would be a good time to look at the prospects that we have on the 40 man roster that may not be household names. We will start with AA affiliate Trenton Thunder 2B David Adams.

David Lee Adams was born in Margate, FL on May 5th 1987. Adams, now 24 years old, was added to the Yankees 40 man roster before this season to be protected from the Rule 5 Draft. David Adams is your typical and perfect stereotype of an infielder... more glove then bat. He is not considered to be a defenseive guru, do not get me wrong, but he is more then average with the glove at 2B. He is more of a doubles kind of hitter and lacks any real power to speak of but he has a great eye and was even voted for having the best plate discipline in the Yankees system in 2011. Adams could easily get 30-40 doubles in a season if he was given a full time starting job somewhere. In all honesty David Adams could possibly start on a team like the Rockies but is nothing more then a bench player for the New York Yankees. He has been hitting the cover off the ball lately though so you never know he just may be back on the fast track to the major leagues again because he is healthy.

David Adams attended high school at Grandview Preparatory School in Boca Raton, Florida where he was ranked as the second best high school third basemen in the United States. He was originally drafted in 2005 in the 21st round by the Detroit Tigers in 2005 but he decided not to sign with the club and go to the University of Virginia. Three years later in 2008 the Yankees drafted him in the third round and signed quickly.  Adams has been sidelined with many injuries including, but not limited to, his 2010 ankle injury in Trenton that has really slowed his career down. Interestingly enough David Adams would have been included in the mega deal the Yankees almost made to get Cliff Lee from the Seattle Mariners for Jesus Montero and others.

David Adams is now still in AA Trenton and taking reps at 3B ever since the Alex Rodriguez injury. With David Adams being the closest and most major league ready prospect we have in the infield I think this is something we need to watch closely. Injuries have definitely slowed down Adams progression but he has a way with making contact that just cannot be taught.

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