Thursday, August 23, 2012

Oh No The Sky Is Falling!!

The Yankees got swept by the Chicago White Sox this week and have seen their AL East lead shrink from a season high 10 games to 3 games ahead of the Tampa Bay Rays. The sky must be falling in New York right about now and it should not be. The Yankees have been without CC Sabathia for now his second DL stint and are only 13-13 since losing Alex Rodriguez to a broken hand. All and all though the sky is not falling and I will show you why.

The Yankees schedule for the remainder of the season looks as so:

3 games at CLE
3 games vs TOR
3 games vs BAL
3 games at TB
3 games at BAL
3 games at BOS
3 games vs TB
3 games vs TOR
3 games vs OAK
3 games at MIN
4 games at TOR
3 games vs BOS

The only teams on there that worry me all that much is Tampa Bay and Oakland. Every series going forward is very winnable and in some instances capable of a sweep. Now let us look at the Tampa Bay Rays schedule for the remainder of the season.

3 games at OAK
3 games at TEX
4 games at TOR
3 games vs NYY
3 games vs TEX
3 games at BAL
3 games at NYY
4 games vs BOS
3 games vs TOR
2 games at BOS
4 games at CHW

That is considerably a tougher schedule then the Yankees have to face. Not to mention the fact that the Yankees will have, presumably, Andy Pettitte, CC Sabathia, Alex Rodriguez, Pedro Feliciano, and Ivan Nova back from injuries. Listen Yankees fans I know things look gloomy right now and you are starting to get a little nervous but we are fine.


  1. Be careful, you don't want to be overly optimistic like me.

    1. Im not I know we could totally blow it. Im just saying if we get things done and do what we need to do we are in the playoffs as a #1 seed

    2. That's the way I feel, too. I just believe they are going to do what they should do.


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