Thursday, August 23, 2012

Looking Around The AL Central Disabled Lists

My post about the Yankees 2012 Disabled list, seen HERE, got me thinking on how this injury riddled season stacks up against everyone else. Now granted that post took me a very long time to do and I do not plan on doing one that detailed for every team but rather I am going to look at all the teams CURRENT disabled lists and compare them.

Today we're going to start with the AL Central. Here is an up to date look at the standings.

These are the disabled list and salaries of every team in the AL Central.

Chicago White Sox

4 Players Currently On DL
$5.50 Million On DL of $96,919,500
5.68% of Total Payroll

Orlando Hudson - 5.5 Million
Leyson Septimo - 400 K
Brian Bruney - 400 K
John Danks - 500 K

Cleveland Indians

6 Players Currently On DL
$20 Million On DL of $78,430,300
25.5% of Total Payroll

Josh Tomlin - 495 K
Travis Hafner - 13 Million
Lonnie Chisenhall - 400 K
Rafael Perez - 2.005 Million
Grady Sizemore -5 Million
Carlos Carrasco - 489 K

Detroit Tigers

4 Players Currently On DL
$15.1 Million On DL of $93,353,983
16.18% of Total Payroll

Ryan Raburn - 2.1 Million
Daniel Schlereth - 490 K
Al Alburquerque - 495 K
Victor Martinez - 13 Million

Kansas City Royals

5 Players Currently On DL
 $7.90 Million On DL of $60,916,225
12.97% of Total Payroll

Chris Getz - 968 K
Felipe Paulino - 1.9 Million
Danny Duffy - 488 K
Joakim Soria - 6 Million
Blake Wood - 502 K

Minnesota Twins

4 Players Currently On DL
$19.75 Million On DL of  $94,085,000
20.99% of Total Payroll

Matt Capps - 4.75 Million
PJ Walters - 400 K
Carl Pavano - 8.5 Million
Scott Baker - 6.5 Million

Is there any correlation between the injuries and the standings? I do not know so you be the judge. Leave me a comment in the comment box because I am always down for baseball debate and banter.

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