Sunday, August 5, 2012

Our "Ace" Vs. Our Ace

Ever since we signed CC Sabathia way back before the 2009 World Series winning season we have considered him our ace, our savior, our work horse, etc etc etc. This season though I believe he may have been surpassed as our ace, statistically speaking anyway. This post is in no way supposed to be knocking CC Sabathia at all but more so supposed to open your eyes to just how good Hiroki Kuroda has been since his slow start in Pinstripes.

Let us look at this statistically and as fairly as we can. CC Sabathia has less innings pitched, 135, then Kuroda's 143.2 because of a groin injury but that is not enough of a gap to really worry me about sample size.

        Sabathia 11-3
        Kuroda 10-8

        Sabathia 8.87
        Kuroda 6.95

       Sabathia 2.27
       Kuroda 2.26

       Sabathia 1.00
       Kuroda 0.94

       Sabathia 48.4%
       Kuroda 50.1 %

       Sabathia 3.53
       Kuroda 3.19

      Sabathia 3.38
      Kuroda 3.77

     Sabathia 3.2
     Kuroda 2.7

    Sabathia 1.20
    Kuroda 1.18

I know that this is probably irrelevant but I really love to go to fangraphs and look all the way at the bottom at look at the VALUE of a player, dollar wise, and compare it to their real salaries.

CC Sabathia

Actual Salary - $23 Million
VALUE - $14.5 Million

Hiroki Kuroda

Actual Salary - $10 Million
VALUE - $12.3 Million

While Sabathia is more "VALUABLE" then Kuroda, and is better or close to Kuroda in all the stats posted above he is also making $13 million more then Kuroda. Do not get me wrong I love Sabathia and would not want anyone else on the team starting game 1 of the season and game 1 of the playoffs but where Michael Pineda was supposed to be the #2 starter we have been looking for the last couple of years and wasn't I think we already have him and do not realize it... Hiroki Kuroda.

Plus there are worse things that could happen then a guy like Kuroda having  better or comparable stats to our ace CC Sabathia....


  1. I love that you pointed out how good Kuroda has been. And to think of all the flak he took earlier this season, and all the people that were upset over signing him.

    Although, to be fair, Hiroki is not WIN METHOD *wink*.

    1. I actually had him in mind when I wrote this up.


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