Friday, August 10, 2012

Stellar Revival's New Single!

Because music is better then talking about how these Yankees are playing lately... 

Stellar Revival is a band that I have written about twice now after going to their live shows. They are an awesome band with energy for days in their live shows and on top of all that they are a bunch of great guys. They even know and remember my twitter name and remember articles that I have written on here months ago. These guy's album comes out in late January of 2013 but the second single, Saving Grace, has been leaked on youtube. I will post it here for you to listen to but I do encourage you to support music and musicians and buy the single and/or album when it becomes available. Also check out ITunes for their first single, The Crazy Ones, which is a GREAT song. Enjoy!

And HERE is the ITunes store link for The Crazy Ones


  1. Great band Danial. Keep up the great work. I enjoyed working with you.

  2. Thank you mr. anonymous lol (doug)

  3. Thank you mr. anonymous lol (doug)

  4. Thank you mr. anonymous lol (doug)


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