Friday, September 7, 2012

Can Russell Martin Keep It Up? Does It Matter?

Chances are the ball is in the catcher's glove.

Coming into tonight's game against Baltimore, Russell Martin has hit .290/.353/.452 in the last two weeks, which spans 35 plate appearances. Not a large sample size, so it's hardly something to get excited about, but I wanted to bring it up for this reason...

Even if Russell kept up that hitting, I still wouldn't want him back next year. Of course, there's a chance he's the best option the Yankees have at catcher for 2013, but I really hope that's not true.

Spin the globe, close your eyes, stop it with one finger, and I'm sure that area you point at has a better catching option than Russell Martin.

As for Martin keeping up this pace I'm not holding my breath either. Included in those 14 day splits is... and Burch is going to hate this... his BABIP, which is .320. Adding that to what we've seen out of him all year, and to remind you that's a batting line of .203/.307/.375, and I think I and other Yankee fans have every reason to hope Cashman can get somebody else to work behind the dish.

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