Thursday, September 20, 2012

Is Soriano Being Overused?

Through 148 games Rafael Soriano has thrown 63.1 innings, which isn't much when you consider that Mariano Rivera threw more than 63.1 inning in all but 4 of his 17 seasons (not counting this season). But if you look at Soriano's career stats you'll see that he's only thrown 63.1 innings or more in 2 of his 11 MLB seasons.

Rafael has averaged 1.11 innings an appearance over his career, which is more than he's averaged this season with New York (.97). Unfortunately that bit of information does not make me feel a whole lot better, as I'm afraid he's been overworked a bit. Maybe the fact the innings he pitched earlier this season were under less stressful circumstances should make me feel better.

I don't think the Yankees care about my health, as I've felt like this guy a lot while watching the Yankees recently.

In his last 3 non-injury seasons, Soriano has averaged about 69.2 innings per season. So again... things could be all right, as he's not on pace for any more than that 3-year average. I still hope the offense can put enough runs on the board so that we can give him some rest, since over the past 7 games Soriano has appeared in all but one of them (he got the save in the other 6).

With zero open dates left on the calender that's not a good trend to continue. I mean... unless you don't want the Yankees to win. And in that case...

"Oh, you people can kiss the fattest part of my ass."

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