Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Gardner May Start Tonight Against Verlander, Tigers

Brian Cashman was on the Michael Kay show this morning and the hot topic, other then the slumping offense, Derek Jeter, and our impending elimination from the playoffs was Brett Gardner. Brian Cashman said that he would not count out Brett starting as early as tonight in Detroit stating that the outfield in Comerica is so large that the Yankees defense could benefit from it. Obviously they are skeptical since he has only had three at bats since coming off the DL with various elbow issues that kept him out for basically the entire season. Gardner is 5-11 against Verlander in his career though and as small of a sample size as that is it looks a whole lot better then the rest of the Yankees not named Ibanez have looked lately. Also I never heard of the Yankee Stadium fans hurting Brett Gardner's feelings... cheap shot I know. Keep your eye's here for the lineups and see if Girardi makes the move.

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