Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Projected Game 3 Lineup

The Yankees offense is scuffling and the Yankees are facing Justin Verlander on the road tonight so our backs are obviously once again against the wall. The Yankees need a shot in the arm , and one in the butt if it gets the job done, and the lineup obviously couldn't hurt from a change or two. If I am filling out the lineup tonight in Detroit this is what I am penciling in. Love it, hate it, works, or fails I am sticking with who got me here so think of that before the hate comments from the arm chair managers out there.

1. Ichiro (CF)
2. Jayson Nix (SS)
3. Raul Ibanez (DH)
4. Robinson Cano (2B)
5. Mark Teixeira (1B)
6. Alex Rodriguez (3B)
7. Russell Martin (C)
8. Nick Swisher (RF)
9. Brett Gardner (LF)

I was almost tempted to start Gardner in the lead off spot but the 5-11 against Verlander career got overshadowed by the fact that he has only had 31 at bats all season long and probably has a little rust to him.  I am willing to live and die with guys like Teix, Arod, Cano, etc in the middle of the lineup. Batting Cano 2nd is absolutely ridiculous to me and part of the reason I just stayed away from the internet the last game. I am not starting Eric Chavez over Alex Rodriguez, left handed swinger or not, and I am not sitting Swisher over Granderson because at least Swisher will take a walk. Granderson is just lost out there right now and if he see's more then 4 pitches an at bat I consider it a good at bat for him. If I am going to go down I am going to go down with the guys that got me within a few wins of a World Series, not mixing and matching and showing my desperation on a sinking ship.


  1. Jayson Nix is something like 1 for his last 35 vs RHP. He's not getting anywhere near the top of the lineup. That's like batting the pitcher second. I think the components are fine but I would swap Granderson and Swish since if neither hits atleast Granderson won't cost them as many runs on D. I'd go with
    Nix or Nunez

    1. Well I disagree, sorry. I am (probably too much of) a strong advocate for the R-L-R-L matchups is why I had Nix that high. Plus he has hit better then anyone in this ALCS so I dont see the beef.


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