Monday, December 10, 2012

Mark Reynolds to Cleveland

Reports indicate that the Indians have agreed to a one year deal, worth $6 million with incentives, with Mark Reynolds. Reynolds would play 1B for the Tribe, as the 23 year-old Lonnie Chisenhall started the last 15 games at 3B for Cleveland last season, meaning they will likely pull their offer to Kevin Youkilis. We should expect Kevin to accept the two year deal, worth $18 million, the Yankees have offered him.

Hopefully that BABIP of .268 last year, while having a line drive percentage higher than his career average, means we see a batting line out of Youk around .270/.365/.460 with around 18 home runs. Youk played 111 games at 3B last year, so asking him to do it for the entire season is probably not realistic, but with ARod returning in mid-season he should be okay.

Of course, I may be just trying to be positive as I'm desperate for good news this offseason. After all, Youkilis will always be a Red Sox player to me.

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