Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hall Of Fame Voting Rules

Just as an FYI I wanted to post the actual rules that the writers and voters have to abide by when voting players into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame. Everybody knows that a player must wait five years after their retirement before being eligible to be voted into the Hall by the Baseball Writers Association of America, or the BBWAA as more commonly known as. If a player dies before his five year waiting period is up, much like Roberto Clemente, then he is eligible for election after six months have passed since his death.  Every voter is allowed a maximum of 10 players on their ballot but you do not have to use all of the votes and I do not think it is a requirement to use any votes at all in a particular ballot. A player must have at least 75% of the vote to be elected into the Hall of Fame and is permanently left of future ballots if the player receives less then 5% of the vote in any ballot.

 If a player is not voted in after twenty times on the ballot he will be eligible for the Veterans Committee ballot but no longer eligible to be on the BBWAA ballot. The Veterans Committee is made up of three subcommittees each of which who consider and vote for candidates from a separate era of baseball. Every three seasons each of the committees and eras are represented and voted on. One committee votes only on pre-World War II players, one for executives and builders like George Steinbrenner for example, and one committee is set up for managers and umpires.

It is a lot to wrap your head around and with new changes and rules coming all the time it is kind of hard to keep up with but here are the current rules for the players being elected into the hall. The vote is set for this Wednesday, 1/9/13, so check here and on MLB Network for the results from what is being called the most controversial Hall of Fame ballot ever.


  1. I am boycotting the Hall until Don Mattingly is enshrined :)

  2. Will the sportswriters who didn't vote for Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens or any other of the alleged or actual PEDS users, vote for Ryan Braun, assuming he keeps up his current performance for another five to ten years, when he is eligible for election into the Hall of Fame?

  3. I cannot see them voting for Braun, no, because Clemens was never officially caught doing anything. He even survived a trial...


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