Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Playoffs a Lost Cause for ARod

Alex Rodriguez only came to the plate 27 times during the 2012 postseason, so it's not as if we have a significant sample size, but it was clear to anybody watching that he was pretty much useless. ARod hit .120/.185/.120 with 12 strikeouts, leading to him being pinch hit for and benched. Dr. Bryan Kelly, the man who will be performing ARod's hip surgery, gave us some insight as in to why...
“I was more surprised that he was able to play at all with a hip that looked like that,” Kelly said. “Most people would not be able to play with a hip function like this and the imaging that looked like his.”
Dr. Kelly went on to say that a hip needs at least 25% of internal rotation in order for a player to perform an ideal swing, and that Alex's was operating at well under 25% even in his best years. Rodriguez was opening up his left foot, along with swinging only with his arms, in order to make up for the loss of movement. A high pain tolerance also helped him get over the issue.

All in all, Dr. Kelly believes it was the hip injury that was ARod's problem, not a lack of ability. So let's hope the doctor is really good and can heal Alex, because looking at the current proposed lineup they could really use the ARod of 2008 rather than the ARod of 2012.

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