Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hal Steinbrenner Ready To Ditch The $189 Million Plan?

It appears that Hal Steinbrenner may be ready to say adios to the $189 million austerity budget luxury tax plan for 2014, halle-freaking-lujah! Wallace Matthews of ESPN New York reported that this seems like the first time a Steinbrenner is running the Yankees since George died. Whether this is because the savings are less then expected, the fan out lash was greater than expected, season ticket sales are down, they did not want to lose Robinson Cano, they read The Greedy Pinstripes and see how much I personally hate it, or all of the above which is making the Steinbrenner's consider ditching the austerity budget but whatever it is this is one happy blogger. This is all speculation at this point but with the Yankees willingness to now break the bank to keep Robinson Cano I can see this plan going by the wayside and the Yankees cutting checks this trade dead line and next off season, not payroll.

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