Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Yankees Tell Scott Boras They Want Cano Long Term

Not that this is going to shock anyone, especially Scott Boras and Robinson Cano, but the Yankees told the super agent for Robinson Cano that they are willing to talk a mega long term contract for their future free agent second basemen. While this is all preliminary and probably none of the ground work has even been discussed maybe this is foreshadowing to a extension before this season is over. The Yankees want him long term and I am pretty sure that Cano wants to be here as well so I hope this gets done sooner rather than later. I honestly do not see Cano leaving town to go to the Dodgers or anybody unless the Yankees just offer him a slap in the face kind of deal so I am personally not worried but in the same breathe I do not want to hear about this all season long either. Get it done Cash!

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