Thursday, February 14, 2013

Michael Pineda Update

Michael Pineda's tenure in pinstripes did not go as planned after a horrid start to Spring Training that ended with a major shoulder surgery that ended his 2012 season. Throw a DUI in late August for good measure and you can understand why many fans have given up any hope on Michael Pineda. Pineda seems like he is taking his rehab very serious though as he showed up to camp 20 lbs lighter than usual. After throwing his first full mound bullpen session today Pineda looks to be on track to face live batting practice as soon as next month. The Yankees still put a June time table on his return to the big leagues but it seems like Pineda is doing everything he can both on and off the field to be the guy that he was supposed to be one long year ago for the Yankees. His mechanics and his motion in his delivery are exactly the same post surgery as they were before he had surgery so hopefully he can get back to being that guy he was in Seattle.

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