Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ichiro Unharmed In Car Wreck Yesterday Afternoon

Ichiro Suzuki was involved in a motor vehicle accident that has totaled his car but Ichiro has walked away unharmed. Ichiro hit a woman in front of him who was trying to make a left turn causing that woman to hit a third car. The woman hit was cited for the accident and not because of who Ichiro was. The cop stated that he did not know who Ichiro was and only pays attention to the Rays, not the Yankees. The Yankees will have Ichiro see the team doctors just to be sure but everything seems fine with Ichiro. The Yankees seem to be cursed or something this spring with Nick Goody spraining his ankle in a car accident and already playing without Curtis Granderson because of a fractured forearm. The spring of the injury dodged a bullet here, thank goodness.

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