Sunday, March 3, 2013

Yanks edge Red Sox 5-2 with three run outburst in 6th

The Yankees hadn't exactly played their best baseball to start off Spring Training, but they racked up another win against the Boston Red Sox, giving fans a small preview of their Opening Day match-up. The Yankees remained silent until the 6th inning where all nine hitters batted around, pushing three runs across with the aid of a Corban Joseph single, an error that allowed Bobby Wilson to reach first, a Brett Gardner walk, an RBI single for Eduardo Nunez, a fielder's choice from Jayson Nix and an error that allowed Juan Rivera to reach first.

The Yankees pushed two more runs across in the eighth inning after an RBI double by JR Murphy plated Jose Pirella and in the ninth inning on a homer by Thomas Neal. Before the three run outburst in the 6th inning, the only hit going into the 6th was the lead-off single by Brett Gardner in the 1st. Gardner has now hit  safely in every game he's played in Spring Training thus far.


-- After the game, Joe Girardi confirmed that once Curtis Granderson comes back, Granderson will be the CF and Gardner will move to LF.

What's Next:

The Yankees have an off-day tomorrow, meaning that there will be no news at all. No one will be at the ballpark except for a few players to get treatment but other than that, no one will be there. On Tuesday, the Yankees will host the Atlanta Braves in the first night game of the Spring Training season. That game will be on YES Network and coverage will start at 7:00 p.m with play-by-play at 7:05 p.m.


  1. I never strongly disagreed with a move that Joe Girardi made before, but him moving Granderson back to CF because he's afraid that it's going to "affect his performance" is hogwash! Gardner is the better CF defensively and with Granderson in CF, we could expect balls getting over his head and him taking longer routes to balls. Besides, why try to please everyone but Gardner now? Gardner will still be here next year. Granderson won't. It's as simple as that.

  2. Delia, Girardi is the manager and I have to trust him to do what's best for the team. I know you like Gardner but Grandy still is more of an impact player on the Yanks.

  3. doug/Delia...
    I fear you two may have missed the point a lot this time...maybe? I think it is all to do about Curtis not being a very good fielder.
    He would have to learn how to really play LF, which could adversely affect the out field defence. As I have never in my oh, so long life, played a game in the out field, I am going by hear-say. The information comes from Brett himself, he says words to the effect; "left field is still a work in progress for him".

  4. old yankee, I played the outfield, CF is all about speed and seeing the ball off the bat better, while playing LF in Yankee stadium is hard because not only do you have to learn to read the tail of the ball from leftys and rightys but also cover alot of ground since LF is so big. You could make a case that playing LF in Yankee stadium is just as hard as CF. It's not like playing LF in Fenway Park or most other parks.

  5. The injury complicates the position change with Granderson. They should have made the change a year or 2 ago but since they haven't, it may be too much to switch him to LF without the benefit of 4-5 weeks in Spring Training to prepare.

  6. If a player is a good enough athlete to play CF, he should be able to handle LF. The angle of the bat is different and LF in Yankee Stadium has treacherous sun issues during the day. Granderson could do it but without ST to get some work there it complicates things.

  7. Yankees had the best OF defense in 2011(a combined UZR of 10.2) with the current alignment. No reason to change it to maybe save a few runs, especially with the injury just have Grandy focus on hitting. If Gardner did not play center was well as LF or Grandy struggled adjusting, the move would have a negative net impact. Don't fix what isn't broken.

  8. the real issue is that Granderson might stink enough in LF that it negates any upside Gardner brings in center. it's a shame but it is what it is. with that said, i don't see why granderson can't get *some* sort of reps in left field, even with a broken wing. he said he was going to continue training on his lower half, that he just couldn't swing a bat so what really is stopping him from hanging out in the OF (at least later in the healing process) and practice the first step off the bat, or running routes when he's closer to 100%. he doesn't have to go diving around, but at least seeing the bat off the ball would be more conducive to preparing for the role than sitting around with his thumb in the air.

    i can't get behind the idea of blowing off a few runs, that might equate to "only" one win at the ned of the year. with such a tight division, that one win can mean the difference between golf and baseball in october. with less run scoring power, they need to squeeze wins out from anywhere they possibly can.

  9. I have never believed in the old saying; "If it ain't broken.......!" I would never give away runs because of a player's skill or lack thereof.
    As stated above by many fans, playing LF and CF are two different animals. Sometimes, the switch works out better than expected and sometimes....not so much! Granderson would have needed the ST time to learn his new position so, back to the drawing board!
    The down side is; the drawing board is a liability we don't really have this year!

  10. Although they were the best in 2011, doesn't mean they can't get better by getting their best athlete more chances and covering more ground in CF. Still think the guy who covers most ground should be in CF (Gardner) but without having time for Granderson to get comfortable, I agree, probably not worth changing after the injury.


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