Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Yanks drop second straight game to Sox in 7-4 loss

On Monday, the Yankees offense (besides Cervelli) was absent. Tonight, the Yankees hit two home runs but it wasn't enough to overcome the Red Sox, as the Yanks dropped their second straight game at Yankee Stadium by the score of 7-4.

Hiroki Kuroda was forced to leave the game in the second inning after a line drive hit him in his middle finger. The results came back as a finger contusion but the Yankees were going to send him to get x-rays just to make sure that's all it was. Cody Eppley came in afterwards, allowing four runs, who was then relieved by Adam Warren who only gave up one run. Shawn Kelley was the only Yankee pitcher who didn't give up a run to the Red Sox.

The Yankees had two home runs during tonight's game, one by Travis Hafner and one by Vernon Wells, both of those accounting for the four runs the Yankees scored; Hafner a solo shot. Wells a three-run shot.

Tomorrow the Yankees will send Andy Pettitte on the mound in order to break the losing streak, as they fear that they'll be behind 0-3 to start the season.

Update: Hiroki Kuroda's X-Ray's came back negative and he's day-to-day. However, Joe Girardi says it's too early to tell whether Kuroda will make his next start or not.


  1. Pitching or no pitching this team is going no where. Of course injuries come into play, however I blame this debacle on two people in no particular order. Hal Steinbrenner aka the bean counter and Brian Cashman the rappelling elf who has his farm system in shambles above double A ball. Remember a prospect in the minors is a suspect, and please all you cashman supporters please don't say that Oppenheimer is in charge of the minor league draft because the bottom line is that Cashman is the boss overseeing every aspect of the team so the buck stops and starts with him. It serves Hal right to see that if you don't invest in your product you wont get any return on your money.

    All Hal keeps preaching is that he is doing whats best for the partners and his family, well I have said many times that the bean counter would rather save millions and risk losing billions of value to his team. The old man is missed more than anyone can imagine. 78-80 wins with or without this pitching staff

  2. I will agree with the first comment. Since the old man has died the Yanks have slowly become a very boring team to passion....everybody pats the opposition on the a$$. What's wrong with this picture? George wanted to win intensely and as a result made money. Hal and co. have been, and are bean counters managing the club in order to maximize profits. Of course baseball and many pro sports in general have become a business more so than a sport. Unfortunately, I now recognize baseball as more entertainment than sport. The intensity will be lacking even when the stars return....if they do. Guess I am just jaded!

  3. Bob...
    For many years, The Old Man put his own money into the team (until1998/99-?) because they were losing money hand over fist....remember the Yankee Great Depression years? Now, the Kid has to support the family and the organization. George never made a dime on this team, he had put so much of his money (his ship building co.) into the team that I think he would be about even or ahead by now.

    As for Cashman messing up the farm system, let me remind Lafftee and some others; he inherited much from Watson, Stick and of which was, Grow the Farm system, that is the future of the Yankees. While George was still running things, it was hard to keep and get young players...George would trade then.
    Yes, the farm system is in shambles above double A ball (if Lafftee thinks so) but don't put the blam on Cashman and his team...the front office is where the BUCK stops in this case the team has only so many things they can do.

    Good thinking Bob...and don't quit on the guys! :)


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