Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Yankees Start Season w/ Record High $230M Payroll

The Yankees once again start the baseball season with the highest payroll in all of baseball coming in right around $230.4 million. The Dodgers are the only other team with a $200M+ payroll as they sit at $214.8 million. The Houston Astros have the lowest payroll in baseball sitting at $27.3 million which is less than the $29 million that Alex Rodriguez is set to make this season. That's a lot of Yankees tickets needing to be sold to pay this kind of payroll.

Here is the Yankees list of payroll obligations per player from the Associated Press

Alex Rodriguez $29,000,000
Vernon Wells 24,642,857
CC Sabathia 24,285,714
Mark Teixeira 23,125,000
Derek Jeter 16,729,365
Robinson Cano 15,000,000
Curtis Granderson 15,000,000
Hiroki Kuroda 15,000,000
Andy Pettitte 12,000,000
Kevin Youkilis 12,000,000
Mariano Rivera 10,000,000
Phil Hughes 7,150,000
Ichiro Suzuki 6,500,000
Boone Logan 3,150,000
David Robertson 3,100,000
Brett Gardner 2,850,000
Travis Hafner 2,000,000
Joba Chamberlain 1,875,000
Brennan Boesch 1,500,000
Ben Francisco 1,200,000
Shawn Kelley 935,000
Jayson Nix 900,000
Lyle Overbay 850,000
Ivan Nova 575,600
Eduardo Nunez 533,300
Michael Pineda 528,475
Francisco Cervelli 515,350
Chris Stewart 515,100
David Phelps 512,425
Cody Eppley 510,350
Adam Warren 490,525
Cesar Cabral 490,000


  1. I don't understand this. Only 32 players are listed, and 40 make up the team payroll.

    And I don't understand some of the salaries. Sure, I get Teixeira's being higher than $22.5 million due to his $5 million signing bonus being spread among all 8 years of his contract, but neither Jeter nor Sabathia had signing bonuses and there's are different than the $17m and $23m they are set to receive this year.

    Speaking of Jeter's... how in the world did it go DOWN from $17 million?

    Oh well, I'm sticking with my numbers.

  2. Plus...why would Vernon's contract be included? I thought he was mostly being paid by LAAofA?


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