Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lyle Overbay Doing A Great Mark Teixeira Impression

Lyle Overbay was signed late in the spring after not making the Boston Red Sox team to much dismay of the Yankees fans. The Yankees had watched Juan Rivera fight for a roster spot and do really well only to be pushed aside when Overbay was available. Lyle has proved a ton of Yankees doubters and fans wrong alike and has done quite the Mark Teixeira impression through May 13th. Let's take a statistical look at Mark Teixeira's 2012 season through May 13th and what Lyle Overbay has done thus far to date.

Mark Teixeira


33 GP- 142 AB - 29 H's - 7 2B's - 4 HR's - 17 RBI's - 16 K's - 9 BB's

Yankees record 18-15

Lyle Overbay


35 GP- 129 AB - 31 H's - 8 2B's - 1 3B -  6 HR's - 22 RBI's - 21 K's - 7 BB's

Yankees record 24-14

The Yankees now face an interesting dilemma when Mark Teixeira comes back, or attempts to come back anyway, from this wrist injury. Unless the Yankees trade versatility for insurance Overbay is all but gone via trade or a DFA when Mark comes back and that should scare the hell out of all Yankees fans. We all saw Jose Bautista have the same injury last season and we all saw him rest it, rehab it, play in the minors, and play in two major league games before being lost for the season with wrist surgery. What do the Yankees do if this happens to Mark Teixeira and we have already let go of Lyle Overbay? With no suitable first base options down in the minors and no obvious choices via trade this early in the season I think the Yankees and their fans should be holding their collective breathes that either the Yankees will hold on to Overbay and/or Mark Teixeira will be fully healthy all season long. I am not taking that bet but I am hoping that is just the pessimist in me speaking and everything will be fine.

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