Saturday, May 18, 2013

Yankees Trade For Reid Brignac

I think I see something.

Earlier this week Reid Brignac was DFA by the Colorado Rockies, and Jon Heyman tells us that the Yankees traded for the 27 year-old.

EDIT: Heyman followed up with another tweet, saying it the Yankees gave the Rockies $75,000.

Brignac has hit .228/.270/.321 his his 5+ years in MLB, however his only regular work came in 2010. Before the 2007 season, Reid was the #17 prospect according to Baseball America, but that promise has not yet translated to the field.

I'm thinking this move was made to fill a roster spot in AAA, since the Yankees have needed to call up David Adams, who looks like he could stick with the team even after Kevin Youkilis returns. Surely they don't think Brignac, and his career OPS of .591, can be of any help.

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