Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Game 70 Lineup: Dodgers vs. Yankees

Welcome home Don Mattingly to Yankee Stadium. Now, let's give Mattingly a proper welcome, shall we? Here is the lineup.

Brett Gardner CF
Jayson Nix SS
Robinson Cano 2B
Vernon Wells LF
Thomas Neal DH
Ichiro Suzuki RF
David Adams 3B
Lyle Overbay 1B
Chris Stewart C

Phil Hughes RHP

Some Notes:

-- Mark Teixeira has been placed on the 15-day DL. Yankees have recalled RHP Adam Warren--AND they called up OF Zolio Almonte. Chris Bootcheck has been DFA'd.


  1. Damn, this team badly needs some reindorcements. Youkilis will have back surgery which pretty much ends his season.....Teixeira is back on the DL with the same wrist ligament injury and I won't be surprised if he's eventually out for the year also. Jose Bautista had the same injury last yr which required season-ending surgery. I wonder if the Yankee get the money back from MLB since tex was injured in the WBC. They paid his salary while he was on the DL originally so now that he's back on the DL with the same injury they should pay that also, right?

    Mustelier, Corban Joseph and Brennan Boesch are all injured in AAA also, so Zoilo Almonte will get his shot. I think he could use some more time in AAA but I like Almonte's potential. A switch-hitter with power who rips RHP and has been much more patient and aware of the strikezone this season.

  2. Fish I have heard mixed things on whether the WBC will be paying Tex. Cash said in an interview that they would not but Ken Rosthenthal tweeted that they would

  3. Vernon Wells batting cleanup. Don't know how much more of this I can take

  4. fishjam, I don't think the players in the minors are going to make much of a difference with the team. The injuries to Youk and Tex are major problems for the Yanks, they can't win without healthy veterans the way the team is constituted. I'm not sure they can win even if Grandy, Jeter, and A-Rod return healthy. The minor league players that are ready to advance aren't the answer in my book.

  5. The players in AAA are in no way going to be saviors but any incremental improvement is welcome. The way some guys have performed like Wells....the guys in AAA can't be much worse.

  6. Yankees sign...Ben Francisco's brother...Fernando Martinez!
    True, but only joking.
    These to guys combined.....will hit 220. I'm in the theater of the macabre.
    Another reason to put up fences along the border.

  7. Nice to see Zoilo called up, the talent is there and real....for a AAA player! Now, many of the fans will see if he has learned to hit and not just swing...we all hope for the positive, good luck Zoilo!

    I believe a vet, (unless, still in his productive years) is not worth the money for a two or more year contract, some even a one year deal is too much!
    See...; Itchy, Youk, Wells!
    We have a few players holding down the fort that are not showing much at all; Nix, Brignac are AAA players at best.

    On the bright side of the ledger, we have many players do as expected or much better;
    Overbay, enough said!
    Adams, has shown he can handle 3rd base but, needs to step up as a hitter!
    Thomas, I haven't seen enough!
    The pitchers we have are all doing a stellar job.

    Zoilo, can help the team if he has learned, the count, out pitch and the zone....Zoilo, news flash; you must have the patience of Jobe, or these big boys will eat you alive...even though you have all the talent in the world...which could be wasted on you...I'll take it if you don't use it!
    Talent alone can get one to the Bigs but, it won't keep one there for long unless one learns how to really play the game...with ones' head.


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