Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Morning Bits

Good morning everyone!

Last night's rainout has resulted in the scheduling of a doubleheader for today at Yankee Stadium.

The first game will begin at 1:05 PM ET and will be broadcast by WWOR.  Hiroki Kuroda(6-5, 2.78 ERA) will face Hyun-Jin Ryu(6-2, 2.85).

The second game will begin at 7:05 PM ET and will be broadcast by ESPN and YES.  Phil Hughes(3-5, 4.89 ERA) will face Chris Capuano(1-4, 5.45 ERA).

Now on to today's news links:

Kieran Darcy of has this piece on Don Mattingly stating that not getting the manager job for his old team was a blessing.

Joel Sherman of the New York Post says an old and pricey,decaying roster is the same theme as last year for the Yankees.

Mike Fitzpatrick of the AP writes about Mark Teixeira heading to the DL again and Kevin Youkilis requiring back surgery that will sideline him for at least 10-12 weeks.

Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News has this article on Don Mattingly returning to Yankee Stadium for the first time with the Dodgers.

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Did any of you know, a huge majority of players have a tell, whether at bat or pitching? They do but, the trick is to pick up on it. I like playing that game, it kept me in the Sand-lot leagues for a long time.
    When you have time, try finding the tell on any player you want to, it's not easy, but it is fun.

  2. You got the channels mixed up. 1pm game on YES, 7pm game on WWOR.

  3. THE LINE IN THE SAND...on June 19th, here we are.
    276 runs scored. 276 runs allowed. This is not a powder keg, that we have here.
    This is vanilla, this is bland. Too much milk in the coffee. Etc.
    This is the line in the sand. Better teams will cross it.
    Worse yet, the Mets are reloading, as the Yankees think about.....what?

  4. patrick, that is easy, their next WS 2030 after the team has been sold off...pice by pice!
    And here I was hopping to see one more WS Flag in the park! :(

    Hay, let's us all be big time Optimist, July deadline will be the start of the charge to win the we make it or not...hay, hay, none of those words in mixed company, shame on you people! :)


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