Thursday, August 8, 2013

Brett Gardner Appreciation Thread

Brett Gardner has silenced a lot of the doubters and his haters this season with a gritty performance after gritty performance day after day. Tons of fans speculated whether Gardner could be a lead off man or not but he has silenced the doubters leading the team in OBP this season, steals, and continues to grind out at bats and making the opposing pitchers work. A lot of fans thought he should be in left field and not center field and Gardner has responded by having the best UZR as a center field in the league covering a ton of ground in Yankees Stadium. Too many fans thought that Brett could not stay healthy for an entire season or be an every day player but if you check Brett has definitely done both of those. Thank you for playing every day, your 15 pitch at bats that result in a walk, and thank you for having your uniform dirty every single game. Thank you Brett!

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