Thursday, August 8, 2013

It Is Time To Sell: Joba Chamberlain

I know that we will not get much for Joba Chamberlain right now but at this point we need to start thinking ahead to 2014 and that begins with clearing up wasted roster spots and evaluating our own talent. Joba has been reduced to a mop up role and is a waste of a roster spot when we could be using that spot to bring up some guys from the minor league system to get their feet wet and their first cup of coffee. Guys like Dellin Betances, who is out of options after this season, would truly benefit from a couple months in the show before he is thrown into the bullpen next season as well as a Cesar Cabral who was a week away from the majors only to sit out the 2012 season and be stuck in the minors this season.

The only teams that would be a suitor for Joba would have to be one of those teams with a struggling bullpen that believe a change of scenery would help him. Joba has the velocity and the stuff is there but the guy just does not seem to have his head on his shoulders this season at all. Joba would easily clear waivers so that helps our options on any potential trade because we could trade him to anybody and he would be available and eligible for the post season. Joba is a free agent after this season so it would have to be with a team that is competing, looking to win now, and obviously are struggling in the bullpen department.

Like every one of these posts I cannot see the Yankees trading within the AL East so that eliminates those four teams, The Rangers, Cardinals, Diamondbacks, Dodgers, Pirates, Nationals, Athletics, Rangers, Indians, and Royals would probably not want him but what about the Cincinnati Reds? I know, I know, the park is an absolute hitters dream and most would think that Joba would get lit up there but hear me out. Joba's stat line aside the guy still throws in the upper 90's, still has nice movement on his pitches, can go multiple innings, can get out lefties and righties both, and is better than most everyone currently in the Reds bullpen today. He seems like a good fit for the Reds and any A Ball power arm that they have seems like a good fit in return for us, make it happen Cash.

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