Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Poll: What Free Agent Starter Should The Yankees Target?

What Free Agent Pitcher Should The Yankees Target
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Here is another quick poll asking you, the Yankees fans, who you want to see in pinstripes next season. You can keep it realistic and realize that Matt Garza is probably not coming to the Yankees or you can just simply get greedy and pick them all. Multiple votes allowed because we presumably need multiple starting pitchers to fill the void left behind from the likes of Phil Hughes, Hiroki Kuroda, and Andy Pettitte. Thank you in advance for the votes and your participation. 


  1. Replies
    1. Would you believe me if I said no? lol

    2. CashMan doesnt have a clue who to go after.....he is one of the worse talent evaluators in the business. From Randy Winn to Nick(the Hurt Locker) Johnson to Javvy Vazquez, to Chan Ho Park to Austin Kearns to Colin Curtis......and that was only 2010.

    3. Ok I agree that Cashman is pretty bad at evaluating talent but if your going to pick out some guys pick out starters (which you did with Javy and Nick) and not part time players like Kearns, Park, and Winn.

      Especially when you leave out great deals like Kerry Wood and deals that worked out pretty well like Lance Berkman. Also Colin Curtis came from the farm system, when did Cashman have much to do with that? Thought that was Mark Newman and Damon Oppenheimer?

    4. the buck stops with CashMan regarding the farm system.
      acquisitions of part timers have to be evaluated too ..... and CashMan does score a little better at that.....getting guys of the scrap heat...... Overbay and Ibanez did fairly well with some clutch hits....but in total if you add up the debits vs the credits hes pretty mediocre.

  2. There are very few GMs that are good talent evaluators, "Stick" for one and maybe throw in Billy Bean if you believe in his way of doing things...although, he had no choice in the mater.

    The buck stops with Cashman as our great leader so stated, but he can replace those that don't produce for better people if he can get the right people. It may be the "King George" fear is gone and the better people would sign up for a trip to NY!

    After trading away so many of our better players for (almost) over the hill stars and signing free agents for draft picks...is it any wonder the farm is in the middle of the pack. Don't forget, many years we picked last or not until the 2nd or even 3rd round.

    Up until Stick took over running the whole show and started the farm system Program Back up, it was the worse in the two leagues. It has been about 15 -/+ years since then, but one can't count the first two or three years because, it takes a few years to set up an organization with the personnel, equipment etc. In the mean time. George came back and with the Tampa Cabal over ruled Cashman on a lot of trades...that cost us draft picks, money and talent.
    Mediocre is a good word for Cashman but, I think I'll stay with good enough to do the job.

    As one that has been in charge of an organization...like any other endeavor in life...the weakest link will kill you.

    Now, I think we all agree Cashman is not a talent guy...that is what the other people on his team are there for.

    But, unlike Obama, the buck does stop with Cashman and Cash knows what is going on in the organization. He needs to fix the problem if there really is one...is there one, do we know for sure?

    Devils advocate is what I am here for, right?



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