Saturday, October 26, 2013

Tale of Two Games

The Cardinals were three innings away from making this World Series very brief. No, they weren't ahead. After Adam Wainwright's "deer in headlights" look in Game One, Michael Wacha picked up where he left off in the NLCS. As I watched him blow the Sox away, even with all the walks, I couldn't help but notice how fast that pitch count was climbing. So when David Ortiz came up in the sixth with a man on first, I actually thought he should walk him. No kidding, WITH a man on first, I felt Wacha should walk Papi and then maybe go to the pen. Instead he pitched to him and it went on Lansdowne Street.

The Cards have the Red Sox defense to thank in the seventh; with the bases loaded and one out, Matt Carpenter hit a sac fly...then the throw got away from Salty, reliever Craig Breslow backed him up, threw over third and into the stands, giving the Cards the lead they'd never vanquish. In my opinion, bad idea throwing to third. You just need one out to get out of the inning; leave it alone. Ironically Beltran would've given the Birds the lead anyway with his base hit.

The Cardinal bullpen was vintage; Carlos Martinez got into a little trouble in the eighth but that was all she wrote.They mentioned during the broadcast that he used to be a starter in the minors; you could see why. He has such a talent for just slinging the fastball right over the plate, making it look effortless.

My thing is advantage Cardinals right now. Not just because they're home, but obviously being in an NL ballpark, the Sox lose Mike Napoli's bat. But two things: the Red Sox will never, ever bench Papi, and he has had the better series, even with Napoli's hot start in Game One. The Cardinals have the better young pitching which gives them the edge on the mound with the bullpens eerily even. I think the Red Sox will have to win both games at home to win this World Series; I see the Birds ahead 3-2 going back to Fenway. Phew! I finished just in time for Game Three!

'Till Game 6!

Neil Dwyer @neildwyer1993

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