Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Yankees May Lose Kevin Long To Don Mattingly

Don Mattingly's future is up in the air in Los Angeles as the manager of the Dodgers, not that it should be. We heard earlier in the offseason, and we reported it because of our love for Donnie Baseball, that the option was picked up for Mattingly on the 2014 season, see the details HERE. Apparently Mattingly is not out of the woods just yet, not as much as we were led to believe by the reports anyway, as there are still talks of Mattingly being replaced in 2014. Mattingly's bench coach was fired yesterday, Trey Hillman, which cannot be good news for Mattingly and his Dodger future.

I said all that to say this, believe it or not this is not another Don Mattingly update, there is now speculation that the Yankees hitting coach Kevin Long may join Mattingly next season, in Los Angeles, in Washington, in Chicago, wherever he may go. I can see the appeal for Long to want to join Mattingly, especially in Dodger town, so if you are a Kevin Long fan I would start getting scared now. The Yankees could replace Long with Tino Martinez or a plethora of names that are not household names yet, honestly who knew Kevin Long's name before his tenure with the Murderer's Row plus Cano? Thank you Jim Leyland for that and may you enjoy your retirement, I know all Yankees fans will enjoy it.

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