Sunday, November 24, 2013

Brian McCann Contract Details

First off I want to say that the Yankees handed down a great free agent deal to free agent catcher Brian McCann last night to give us a huge offensive upgrade at the plate. Good catchers never hit the open market, period, which is why we have been stuck with Chris Stewart the last couple of years, so the Yankees may have actually got a bargain here if you can believe that.

McCann's contract details include a five year deal worth $85 million with a 6th VESTING option for $15 million to bring the entire contract up to a possible $100 million. I predicted he would get a five year deal in the neighborhood of $80 million so I was not all that far off. As much as I wanted him I figured the Texas Rangers would acquire him, obviously before they got Prince Fielder, and I am glad the Yankees got him.

Brian gets a full no trade clause, which could be fun in years four, five, and six, but we have the designated hitter spot just waiting for him. Also Mark Teixeira is all but gone after the 2016 season so we could also work Brian out at first base if we had to.

This is the third highest contract ever given to a catcher followed by Joe Mauer's eight years and $184 million and Mike Piazza's seven year deal worth $91 million. Also this is the biggest free agent catching contracted handed down since the Yankees gave Jorge Posada a four year deal worth $52.4 million, thus proving good catching does not hit the open market.

AAV impact is $17 million per season before the 6th season vests.

With now, once this is official, five catchers on the 40 man roster the Yankees have some work to do. Gary Sanchez was just protected and looks to be ready by the time McCann will be ready to DH or play first base most of the time so he is safe. Francisco Cervelli is a good right handed compliment and backup if he is truly tendered a contract so I see him being safe as well. Chris Stewart is all but a goner here and he may even be the roster move that clears a spot for McCann when that time comes. The fate of JR Murphy and Austin Romine may be trade bait for the Yankees to acquire that starting pitcher, closer/set up man, right fielder, third basemen, etc. Bad news for them is though I cannot see a scenario where the Yankees carry four catchers on the 40 man roster so they both WILL go.

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