Friday, November 8, 2013

Current Batch Of Yankees Minor League Free Agents

Baseball America has listed their annual list of minor league free agents and quite a few members of the New York Yankees have made the list. Some of these guys you may have heard of and most you probably have not and some may be back for 2014 depending on how the winter goes. Oh and one was suspended for 50 games for being part of the Biogenesis scandal, go figure. Anyway, here is the list:

RHP: Cory Arbiso (AA), Sam Demel (AAA), Yoshinori Tateyama (AAA)

C: Bobby Wilson (AAA)

1B: Andrew Clark (AA), Randy Ruiz (AAA)

2B: Reegie Corona (AA)

SS: Walter Ibarra (AAA)

OF: Fernando Martinez (AAA), Corey Patterson (AAA)

Fernando Martinez was the third member of the Yankees to be suspended for the Biogenesis fallout just in case you were wondering and have been living under a rock for the past four or five months or so and is not expected to be back. Corey Patterson was a veteran depth signing to help an ailing Scranton outfield and is also not expected back in pinstripes in 2014. I do not expect Bobby Wilson, Andrew Clark, Cory Arbiso, or Yoshinori Tateyama back with the Yankees next season. 

Walter Ibarra may come back as the Yankees utility guy in the minor leagues as he has a lot of familiarity within the organization as long as he has been here. Same with Corona as he has spent his entire professional career with the Yankees bouncing around. Sam Demel pitched his butt off in Scranton and has major league experience and with so much uncertainty coming from the Yankees bullpen in 2014 he may stick around for a shot at the big club. 

Not any eye popping names here that we absolutely have to bring back but one thing the Yankees lacked last year was depth and bringing a few of these guys back, namely Ibarra and Demel, will be mutually beneficial in 2014.

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