Friday, November 8, 2013

Add Haren, Arroyo, & Feldman To The Yankees Wish List

Add a few more names to the Yankees Christmas wishlist and shopping list this evening as Jon Heyman is reporting that the Yankees are interested in pitchers Bronson Arroyo, Scott Feldman, and Dan Haren. Okay so I know that Brian Cashman has to work the phones, do his due diligence, leave no stone un-turned, explore every option, etc. I get that and I appreciate that and the effort but being interested in a guy like Arroyo makes absolutely no sense. Either way the Yankees seem to be ready to become very aggressive at next week's GM Meetings.

Arroyo is 36 years old and went to the National League because he could not cut in the American League anymore, specifically in the AL East, so I think a move back would be foolish. Arroyo is coming off of a 3.79 ERA and 4.49 FIP in a traditionally home run friendly ballpark in Cincinnati in 202 innings pitched. If the Yankees needed a 5th or 6th starter type and had every other position filled then sure you an make room for a big innings eater that can keep you into games but right now I still say we have to pass on Bronson.

Feldman had a pretty decent season split between the Chicago Cubs and the Baltimore Orioles and may be a sleeper pick for whoever acquires him in 2014. Feldman is only 30 years old and is coming off a combined 3.86 ERA and  4.03 FIP in 182.2 innings pitched. Feldman will likely not command a long or big money contract and could fit nicely in or around the #3 spot in our rotation so I say make a guy like Masahiro Tanaka a priority but after that is in the bag I could see us going after a guy like Feldman.

Dan Haren scares the hell out of me after he struggled in a strong National League East division last year with the Nationals. That task is only going to get harder in the American League East with the Yankees if he were to come here although he did pitch better in the second half then he did in the first. I know we were after him at the end of last season but that was only to upgrade over Phil Hughes, now he has a little bit bigger shoes to fill so right now I may have to pass.


  1. DAN HAREN...a favorite of mine for many years. His control was the 3rd best, walk wise, in the AL.
    Smart, gutsy, seasoned vet, who I would love to see the Yankees pick-up. They almost did, last year.
    A up-grade over Phil Hughes ?.....Jesus ! I'm an up-grade over him. Unwatchable, last season.

    1. Haren was pretty terrible last year for Washington. I wanted him when he was on the Angels and Rangers (I think) but I would be worried now. As a 5th starter I would be ok, other than that I worry.

    2. Daniel....not so. He finished better than any starting Yankee, at the end.
      LOHUD, posted today that part of the equation, was that he is very family oriented.
      His wife, and children are on the west coast. I understand that.

      Look at how he finished....very strong. Or, check today's LOHUD post.
      I'm finished tonight. GM meeting' in Atlanta, Monday. Great rumor mill. Take care.

  2. AGIDA : that is what Twasp brings to this table. Pure, Tony Soprano.....AGIDA ! Enough already !
    A pleasure posting tonight. No endless rehash of dumb steroids talk , attacks on others, and mindless cemetery grave extractions of players that died.....years ago.
    Who wants to post......" my all time deceased Yankees ?" besides Twasp ?...Fat Boy Slim ?
    Fat Boy Slim...another reason. for Twispering, to grow-up.

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