Friday, November 8, 2013

Yankees Bring Back Entire Coaching Staff For 2014

The New York Yankees have announced that they will bring back Joe Girardi’s entire coaching staff for the 2014 season. Mitch Kelleher will be manning first base, Robby Thompson will still be sending too many runners at third base to be gunned down, Mike Harkey will return as Girardi’s bullpen coach, Larry Rothschild will be the pitching coach, and Kevin Long will return as the Yankees hitting guru hitting coach. Most importantly Tony Pena will be the bench coach for Joe Girardi and not get a managerial deal, at least as of right now anyway. Sometimes change is nice and sometimes the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know but which one this story is has yet to be determined. While I genuinely like all of the faces that we have here I would not have minded trying out Tino Martinez in the hitting coach position. I also would not have minded seeing Tony Pena get a shot as a manager somewhere else because he deserves it and is probably long overdue for another shot at being the man. Either way this is your Yankees coaching staff for 2014 now let’s move on to filling the 40 man roster.

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