Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Mike Harkey Becomes Pitching Coach For DBack's

The Arizona Diamondbacks have signed Yankees longtime bullpen coach Mike Harkey to be their pitching coach. The is still unofficial as the deal is not expected to be announced until Monday but the deal is in place and the Yankees will now have to find a new pitching coach for this coming season.

Harkey was hired in 2008 along with Joe Girardi and is considered to be one of Girardi's closest and loyal friends. The front runner for the Yankees job is Cal Eldred, who was also interviewed by Arizona and in the Yankees system in Scranton.

In other Yankees coaching and staff news we have a new strength and conditioning coach as we signed Matthew Krause for the job. Krause has been in the Reds organization since 2002 and in this job since 2004 so he comes with all the credentials and experience you would want for the job. Krause replaces Dana Cavalea for the job and hopefully lays low and does a good job because it is never a good thing if the fan base is on a first name basis with your strength and conditioning coach.


  1. Mike Harkey....tough guy, no nonsense, liked him. Best of luck, you earned it.

    1. He def has earned it. Pitchers loved Harkey so I hate to see him go. Kept them loose.

    2. Who says hard work doesn't pay off? Yes, he moved up in the baseball world, very much deserved and about time.
      Good luck Mike may the sun shine on you!


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