Sunday, November 3, 2013

Poll Results: Yankees Additions To The Rotation

On Tuesday we asked the readers who they thought that the Yankees should target this year in free agency to shore up the starting rotation and the results are in. HERE is the original post and HERE is the results page. Again thank everyone for their support of this post, their support on Twitter, and their overall support of the site because it's not worth it without you guys! We had 34 votes on this one, and multiple votes were allowed since we are probably going to target multiple starters this offseason, and the winner was Masahiro Tanaka with a dominant 27 votes of the 34 total. Hiroki Kuroda received 16 votes, Matt Garza received 8 votes, and AJ Burnett, Tim Hudson, Phil Hughes, Ubaldo Jiminez, and Paul Maholm all received one vote while Josh Johnson received two votes.


  1. Really? Hughes gets a vote but Haren doesn't? I don't really like either of those guys but you'd think a Yankees fan would always choose the other guy if Hughes is an option

  2. They were both turrible last season at least we know what we would get from Hughes though in the AL East and in NY, you know?


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