Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Decision

No, I'm not LeBron James.

But I am here tonight to formally announce that like most of my Greedy Pinstripes family, I am officially on board #TeamARod.

1) We've seen steroid users deny their use before? Remember Palmeiro? Remember Mark "I'm not here to talk about the past" McGwire? This guy is going out of his way to proclaim his innocence to anyone and everyone, especially Big Mike. They say you never have to make up the truth; he's got the same answer every time: "No." A guilty man finds new answers every time.

2) He says Bud, who I've found to be incompetent for almost his entire term, is out to ruin his legacy. His legacy's already been ruined; even if he's found innocent he's not getting in the Hall of Fame; Clemens was found innocent too, remember? He's out to save his life right now; he's a man on a mission.

3) You ever been so frustrated and know you're right that you just wanna curse out the arbitrator and storm out of the room? Rob Ford does...really? Not a chuckle? Ok, but A-Rod does.

4) I hate when the MAN (from Milwaukee) says he has a mountain of evidence but won't release it. Smells fishy. Sounds like there is no evidence...sounds like known criminal Tony Bosch has been fed the answers...and a salad. You know, green? Money? Man, no one's laughing.

These are all the same reasons everyone else is giving; I make light of it because that's what I do, but I am officially on board #TeamARod.

And Michael Kay...stop with the jealousy for Big Mikey...he's NEW YAWK'S NUMBAH 1! I wish I could be home for Francesa-con in February!

Till Next Time! (It's the offseason, God knows when that'll be...can we start Greedy Pinstripes: Football Edition?!)

Neil Dwyer @neildwyer1993

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