Monday, November 4, 2013

The Yankee Stadium Experience - Part Two: NYY Steak


The Old Yankee Stadium had grit and walls caked with history.  Although the Stadium most of us grew up with wasn't ACTUALLY the original stadium.  You see the retrofits made to the Stadium in the 70s took away some of the older features.  The New Yankee Stadium re-instituted many of those features to give the appearance of a 1920's ballpark in the 21st century...and with it, 21st Century amenities.

Amenities like restaurants within the Stadium.  What a marvel concept.  Not only can you get concessions representing every culinary palate imaginable (more on that in another YSE to come), but you can have a fine dining experience surrounded by Yankees memorabilia in one of the finest steak restaurants in the 5 burroughs, NYY Steak.

Make sure to call ahead, because you won't be just walking into NYY Steak...this restaurant has an exclusive feel, but is only limited to whomever calls in first!  Where in the Stadium IS NYY Steak you ask? Well, there are 2 entrances to NYY Steak, one from the outside that takes you through the lobby of the Hard Rock Cafe near Gate 6 and one from inside the Stadium within the Great Hall (see pictures below)...there is plenty of signage to direct you and you can always ask one of those helpful people holding a "Can I Help You?" signs.


Not the Person to Ask About NYY Steak...

What makes this Steak House different from others?  Well for one...the view.  Where else can you eat great food with banners the size of your house in your sight line or with a wall filled, absolutely filled with the signatures of Yankees past?  The answer: nowhere else.  NYY Steak is one of a kind (although there are 2 more locations now, one in Manhattan and one at the Seminole Casino).

My view of the Great Hall from our seats when we ate there.
To top it all off, the food is spectacular.  I suggest ordering their signature dish, the Long Bone Ribeye (27 oz of succulent meat for $58).  They sear NYY Steak into the bone...INTO THE BONE!  Want an appetizer? The jumbo shrimp cocktail will cost you $19, but it was worth it.  Look, I'm not suggesting going there every time you visit...I've only been there once in all the times that we have been to the Stadium.  While you are there you might as well splurge just this once.  And get an order of onion rings (err...Championship Rings)...they are exquisite.  And they bring everything to your table on plates with retired numbers engraved in them...pretty cool if you ask me.

Long Bone Ribeye
Championship Rings
Signature China - Babe Ruth Edition
It really is a once in a blue moon type of deal for the "regular" fan, which I would include myself know, the people that probably can't afford it, but really can't afford not to every once in awhile.  I took my parents there on one of our family visits to the Stadium...dinner for three was right around $200, which is the equivalent to a trip to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.

For more information on NYY Steak and to make year-round reservations, click on the link below:
NYY Steak

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