Friday, November 29, 2013

This Day In New York Yankees History 11/29

On this day in 1965 the New York Yankees traded Phil Linz to the Phillies for infielder Ruben Amaro. Over the next three seasons Amaro got famous for playing the harmonica on the team bus and playing in only 165 games before retiring after seven major league seasons.

On this day in 1966 the Yankees traded third basemen Clete Boyer to the Braves for outfielder Bill Robinson and a player to be named later.

On this day in 1976 the Yankees got their drink stirred when they signed Reggie Jackson to a free agent contract worth five years and $3.5 million. Reggie would help the Yankees win four division titles, three American League pennants, and two World Series championships in his tenure thus becoming Mr. October.


  1. Phil Linz was the one playing the harmonica on the team bus! Sorry about that Daniel.
    You did have a good Thanksgiving, I hope?

  2. One player we have all but forgotten about is, Switch Hitter Zoilo Almonte.
    He has shown good numbers and is young (24-25?) hits better vs. RHP but can be helped by some good instructions from Mr. Long. One thing that stood out for me is; he hits well in 2 out RISP situations, we need that clutch hitting.
    Bad thing is...Hart or Beltran may be in his way...worse thing is, they will use him and others for trade bait. That is the Yankees MO.
    Maybe I am over rating him but, he would fit in nicely with a team that has little pop and needs clutch hitting.

    1. Oldest Ranger, Kenneth......Zoilo ? sounds like something you spray on walls to combat mildew ?

      Zoilo Almonte take...yes, he was a bit clutch. Nothing to frighten an opposing team.
      Beltran will block him. Hart, a first baseman / DH, will not.
      If the team needs to add a chip, to turn a trade, look for him to be included.
      Otherwise, a bench player. Maybe.

    2. Not on the bench, he is only 24, he needs to play everyday or go back to AAA.

    3. Zoilo should definitely get a hard look in Spring, assuming we don't sign a Beltran, Choo, Granderson, etc.

      He is young, switch hitter, clutch, etc. I like Zoilo and granted he needs some work and polish I think he could be adequate. We're not looking for a huge upgrade over Ichiro, a marginal one would do wonders.


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